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Nokia NetMonitor DCT-4-Übersicht

Hie finden Sie die Übersicht aller NetMonitor-Displays eines Nokia DCT-4 Geräts:

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01-01"Information on the serving cell"
01-02"More Information on the serving cell"
01-03"Information on the serving cell, 1st and 2nd neighbour"
01-04"Information on the 3rd, 4th and 5th neighbour"
01-05"Information on the 6th, 7th and 8th neighbour"
01-06"Network selection display"
01-07"System information bist for the serving cell"
01-08"Paging repeat period, TMSI, Periodic Location Update, AFC and AGC"
01-09"Network parameters"
01-10"Ciphering, hopping, DTX status and IMSI"
01-11"Uplink DTX switching display"
01-12"Switch BTS_TEST status"
01-13"Toggle cell barred status"
01-14"Modify "Last used band""
02-01"Reset Registration and Mobility counters"R&D?
02-02"Neighbour Measurement counter"R&D?
02-03"Search and Reselection counter"R&D?
02-04"Location update attemps counters"R&D?
02-05"Handover display INTER CELL"R&D?
02-06"Handover display INTRA CELL"R&D?
03-01"SIM information 1"R&D?
03-02"SIM information 2"R&D?
04-01"Reset Field Test Timers"R&D?
04-02"Control Test Display Timers"R&D?
04-03"Test Timer"R&D?
04-04"Reset SMS and Call counters"R&D?
04-05"Call attemps counters"R&D?
04-06"Information about reasons for call clearing"R&D?
04-07"SMS attemps counters"R&D?
04-08"SMS timeout counters"R&D?
04-09"Toggle transmitter functionality"R&D?
05-01"HSCSD, Timeslot information"?
05-02"HSCSD, Time slot power control level"?
05-03"Transparent data information"R&D?
05-04"Non transparent data"R&D?
05-05"Facsimile information"R&D?
05-06"CSD Server, main data"R&D?
05-07"CSD Server, active DTE info 1, call related info"R&D?
05-08"CSD Server, active DTE info 2, GPDS, socket, conference info"R&D?
05-09"GPRS Rel99"R&D?
05-10"MAC Interface"R&D?
05-11"CSD Server Main Data"R&D?
05-12"Control DTE and Call information"R&D?
05-13"Active DTE display xx"R&D?
05-14"Active Call information"R&D?
05-15"Common CSD"R&D?
05-16"Current BC-IE"R&D?
06-01"Information on the current GPRS state and previous TBF configuration"
06-02"Previous UL TBF establishment"
06-03"Information on the GMM state"
06-04"Values of P-TMSI, RAC, SMS radio priority, Ciphering and Non-DRX parameters"
06-05"GPRS network parameters"
06-06"Packet control channel parameters"
06-07"(Packet) System information parameters"
06-08"cell reselection parameters"?
06-09"GPRS serving cell information, 1st, 2nd and 3rd neighbour"?
06-10"GPRS 4th, 5th and 6th neighbours"?
06-11"GPRS serving cell and 6 neighbours"
06-12"EGPRS parameters"?
06-13"EGPRS BEP parameters"
07-01"Information about active PDP contexts 1"?
07-02"Information about active PDP contexts 2"?
07-03"RLC state information"?
07-04"RLC parameters"?
07-05"RLC data block counters"?
07-06"LLC data block counters"?
07-07"LLC ciphering parameters"?
07-08"LLC parameters of the 1st SAPI"?
07-09"LLC parameters of the 2nd SAPI"?
07-10"SNDCP data counters"?
07-11"PPP information"?
07-12"ERLC Data information 1"?
07-13"ERLC Data information 2"?
07-14"ERLC Data counters"?
07-15"System status"?
07-16"PDP context information"?
07-17"PDP context QoS information 1"?
07-18"PDP context QxS information 1"?
07-19"PDCP parameters"?
07-20"RFC2507 parameters"?
08-01"Power control parameters"?
08-02"Previous channel quality"?
08-03"NC and EM parameters"R&D?
08-04"Previous NC Report 1"R&D?
08-05"Previous NC Report 2"R&D?
08-06"Previous EM Report 1"R&D?
08-07"Previous EM Report 2"R&D?
08-08"Downlink Power control paramaters"R&D?
09-02"DTF counters"?
09-10"GPRS Attach Detach"?
09-11"Periodic routing area update counters"?
09-12"Routing area update counters"?
09-13"FDP context counters"?
09-14"SMS over GPRS counters"?
09-17"MS init cell reselection counters"?
09-18"Network init cell reselction counters"?
10-01"DSP information 1"R&D?
10-02"DSP information 2"R&D?
10-03"DSP information 3"R&D?
10-04"FER measurement for sub ch0"?
10-05"FER measurement for sub ch1"?
10-06"FER measurement for sub ch2"?
11-01"AMR1: Information of the Active Mode Set"R&D?
11-02"AMR2: Information of the mode control"R&D?
11-03"AMR3: Information of the link quality estimation"R&D?
11-04"AMR4: Control AMR FTD Data pre processing"R&D?
11-05"AMR5: Control AMR algorithms"R&D?
12-01"CDSP Version and Date"R&D?
12-03"CDSP error and Reset counters and MCU reset time"R&D?
12-04"Counter for specific CDSP non-fatal errors"R&D?
12-05"CDSP fatal errors codes"R&D?
12-06"CDSP non-fatal error codes"R&D?
12-07"CDSP fatal error code timestamps"R&D?
12-08"CDSP non-fatal error code timestamps"R&D?
12-09"Counters for failed application starts"R&D?
12-10"Common CDSP Test Data"R&D?
13-01"? BEA FEA Cont"?
13-03"? Blocked Interrupted Eception ..."?
13-04"? Mask information"?
41-01"RACH MSG TX profile"WCDMA
41-02"Dedicated Tx power control"WCDMA
41-03"Dedicated Rx power control"WCDMA
41-04"WCDMA AFC stauts"R&DWCDMA
41-05"CDSP Load status"R&DWCDMA
41-06"Downlink receiver gain control status"R&DWCDMA
41-07"WCDMA rake receiver status"R&DWCDMA
41-08"WCDMA Decoder status"R&DWCDMA
41-09"Common WCDMA DSP CS scratchpad"R&DWCDMA
41-10"FDD neighbour cell summary"WCDMA
41-11"FDD ranking summary"WCDMA
41-12"FDD frequency summary"WCDMA
41-13"FDD INTRA freq neighbours"WCDMA
41-14"FDD INTER freq neighbours"WCDMA
41-15"FDD INTER freq neighbours"WCDMA
41-16"FDD mode GSM cell detection"WCDMA
41-17"FDD detailed cell info (interactive)"WCDMA
46-01"RCC Global status"WCDMA
46-02"Peer Message Msc"WCDMA
46-03"RNTI values"WCDMA
46-04"Ciphering capabilaty"WCDMA
46-05"Cell selection 2"WCDMA
46-06"FDD BTS Carrier Lock mode"WCDMA
46-07"Counter Reset"WCDMA
46-08"Call Failure reasons"WCDMA
46-09"L1 state"WCDMA
46-10"Cell reselction 1"WCDMA
46-11"Radio Access Bearer information"WCDMA
46-12"Radio Bearer information 1"WCDMA
46-13"Radio Bearer information 2"WCDMA
46-14"DPCH Change Count"R&DWCDMA
46-15"Tracker Feature Enable/Disable"R&DWCDMA
46-27"Voice RLC-U information"R&DWCDMA
46-28"DTX Enable/Disable"R&DWCDMA
46-60"3G to 2G Reselections"R&DWCDMA
46-61"3G to 2G ISHO 1"R&DWCDMA
46-62"3G to 2G ISHO 2"R&DWCDMA
46-63"3G to 2G ISHO 3"R&DWCDMA
47-01"RRC Global State Change counters"WCDMA
47-02"Counters for Timeouts 1"WCDMA
47-03"Counters for Timeouts 1"WCDMA
47-04"Peer message count 1"WCDMA
47-05"Peer message count 2"WCDMA
47-06"Peer message count 3"WCDMA
47-07"Peer message count 4"WCDMA
47-08"Peer message count 5"WCDMA
47-09"Peer message count 6"WCDMA
47-10"Peer message count 7"WCDMA
48-01"Set AM Bearer ID"WCDMA
48-02"RLC AM State information"WCDMA
48-03"RLC AM Counters 1"R&DWCDMA
48-04"RLC AM Counters 2"R&DWCDMA
48-05"RLC AM Counters 3"R&DWCDMA
48-06"RLC AM Counters 4"R&DWCDMA
48-07"RLC AM Counters 5"R&DWCDMA
48-08"RLC AM Counters 6"R&DWCDMA
48-09"RLC AM Counters 7"R&DWCDMA
49-01"Basis Radio Bearer information"R&DWCDMA
49-02"Basis DCH information"R&DWCDMA
49-04"Radio Bearer ID and SUB ID input"R&DWCDMA
49-05"Radio Bearer information"R&DWCDMA
49-06"Input DCH ID"R&DWCDMA
49-07"DCH information"R&DWCDMA
50-01"WPH Connection Counts"R&DWCDMA
50-10"WPH L1 Received Error codes"R&DWCDMA
50-11"WPH L1 Received Error timestamp"R&DWCDMA
50-12"WPH L1 Pid list before error"R&DWCDMA
50-13"WPH L1 Rx signal lost before error"R&DWCDMA
50-14"WPH L1 Tx signal lost before error"R&DWCDMA
50-15"WPH L1 list of previous warnings reveived before error"R&DWCDMA
61-01"Basic EM information"R&D?
61-02"Basic BATMON4 information"R&D?
61-03"Advanced BATMON4 algorithm information"R&D?
61-04"Battery Monitor Setup and Log information"R&D?
61-05"PSM (Phone State monitor) information 1"R&D?
61-06"PSM (Phone State monitor) information 2"R&D?
61-07"PSM (Phone State monitor) information 3"R&D?
61-08"Basic chanrging information"R&D?
61-09"Extended charging information 1"R&D?
61-10"Extended charging information 1"R&D?
61-11"Configuration parameters"R&D?
61-12"Varying EM information 1"R&D?
61-13"Varying EM information 2"R&D?
62-01"Reason for SW Resets"R&D?
62-02"Counters for Resets 1"R&D?
62-03"Counters for Resets 2"R&D?
62-04"Counters for DSP Resets"R&D?
62-06"Lights status control"R&D?
62-07"Disabling R&D Test Displays"R&D?
62-08"Reliability Test"R&D?
62-10"Information about MCU and DSP software versions"R&D?
62-11"Information about HW version"R&D?
62-12"Information about PPM"R&D?
63-01"OS Block usage statistics"R&D?
63-02"OS Block usage statistics"R&D?
63-03"OS Block allocation errors"R&D?
63-04"Memory Status before Reset"R&D?
63-05"OS Pre-Reset Error status"R&D?
63-06"OS Current Error status"R&D?
63-07"OS Pre-Reset Warning status"R&D?
63-08"OS Current Warning status"R&D?
63-09"OS Pre-Reset Remark status"R&D?
63-10"OS Current Remark status"R&D?
63-11"Heap System status"R&D?
63-12"Heap Top users"R&D?
63-13"Failed assertions"R&D?
63-14ff"reserved for future displays"R&D?
63-30"Information of OS_SYSTEM_STACK"R&D?
63-31"Select Task Set"R&D?
63-32ff"Information about tasks"R&D?
64-01"Read DSP memory"R&D?
64-02"Signal generators"R&D?
64-03"Accessory mode status"R&D?
64-04"Downlink Audio"R&D?
64-05"Uplink Audio"R&D?
64-06"Microphone Active Gain control"R&D?
64-07"Acustic Echo Canceller (AEC)"R&D?
64-08"Dynamic/Multi-Band Range Controller (DRC/MDRC)"R&D?
64-09"Control DSP audio enhancements switch 1"R&D?
64-10"Control DSP audio enhancements switch 2"R&D?
64-11"Control DSP audio enhancements switch 3"R&D?
64-13"SpC counters"R&D?
65-01"PPC Counters 1"R&D?
65-02"PPC Counters 2"R&D?
65-03"PPC Counters 3"R&D?
65-04"Camera PPCs"R&DCamphone
65-05"HW UI Counters"R&D?
67-01"Reset WAP Counters"?
67-02"WDP Server display"?
67-03"WTP Server display"?
67-04"WSP Server display"
68-01"? Start/Stop BER Test"?
68-02"? FS, FR, FF, CRC"?
70-01"Synchronization Live Parameters"?
70-02"Synchronization Setup Parameters"?
73-01"Accessory mode information 1"R&D?
73-02"Accessory mode information 2"R&D?
73-03"Accessory mode information 3"R&D?
73-04"Vibra information"R&D?
73-06"Ambient Light Sensor information 1"R&Dlight sensor
73-07"Ambient Light Sensor information 2"R&Dlight sensor
74-01"Information of MeM component version"R&D?
74-02"Information of PMM Plain area"R&D?
74-03"Information of PM Classified area"R&D?
74-04"Information of PMM Protected area"R&D?
74-05"PMM Storing information"R&D?
74-06"PMM Error information 1"R&D?
74-07"PMM Error information 2"R&D?
74-08"Information of PMM Clean-Up"R&D?
75-04"? (MS time/date/status)"?
75-21"? (GPS)"?
75-22"? (EOTD/GPS)"?
81-01"Force protocol between GSM and WCDMA"?
81-02"Toggle Intergrity Protection mode"?
99-01"PPC Counters"6630
99-04"Information on FTD"6630

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